This object reminds me of a holiday in Thailand. My extended family, including my two children; my wife; her parents & my parents all went on a big, massive family holiday to Thailand where the Buddha is highly respected.The Buddha is such a calm thing. To me it represents peace, respect, enjoyment and happiness.

Mark with Kids

Mark with Buddha Mark's Buddha


This atlas was originally my Grandfathers so it’s 60-70 years old. I have used it recently to show people where I have travelled. A few years ago I received some money from the company where I worked because I’d been there for 25 years. I decided to take my wife & 3 children on a winter trip to Norway. We got on a working ship and went to 60 different ports from Bergen right up to the Russian border. We saw the Northern Lights, otherwise know as the aurora borealis.

Alan with Atlas

Alan's Atlas Open Alan's Atlas Cover


This antique garnet ring was given to me by my nan. Garnet is both my mine and my Nan’s birth stone. We were both born in January. When I was little my Nan promised me that one day this ring would be mine. It triggers so many memories of times with her - funny things we did together. My Nan decided to give it to me when I had my first child and I hope to pass it on to perhaps a granddaughter or my daughter. We might get a granddaughter with a January birthday and then we’ll have new memories.

Catrina with Paige

Catrina's Ring Catrina Filming


I got the cartouche whilst on holiday in Egypt. It says Jane. In 1972 when I was 9 I went to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London. I was fascinated by it because Tutankhamun was only 9 when he became king of the Egyptian Empire. A couple of years ago the exhibition came back to London so I took my daughter Phoebe to see it. On our way back home we saw a poster of the Tutankhamun mask. It was at that moment we decided to go to Egypt on holiday. Even though it is a new object it triggers memories from when I was 9.

Jane and her daughter

Jane's Cartouche Jane Filming


This object is very dear to me because my mum actually made it when I was 5 years old which makes it over 20 yrs old. I’ve now given it to my own daughter. It’s got 2 faces - one awake / one asleep. All handmade and designed by my mum!

Elaine and her Doll

Elaine's Doll Elaine with Kids

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